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Bartosz Lasecki

Bartosz Lasecki a New York City based composer, guitarist, orchestrator and producer is recognized as a rising talent in the guitar world as well as an up and coming young composer. He has been called "a performer of uncommon communicative gifts"; An excellent guitarist and musician as well as a gifted composer. At a very young age Bartosz Lasecki began his classical guitar studies with Tali Roth of the Juilliard School of Music and participated in many masterclasses, music festivals, lectures as well as assisting at a recording studio with projects for Film and TV. There he has developed musically throughout the years.


With all these experiences he gained valuable knowledge of the field and with his strong musicality he began to develop his own style. He has been influenced by composers such as Claude Debussy, Bela Bartok, Krzysztof Penderecki, Steve Reich, John Williams and Alexandre Desplat. In addition to his classical guitar studies, he attended the Mannes Pre-College program where he studied Composition and Music Theory. He is a founding member of the band called "somuchso" with Maksymilian Kubis. Somuchso is scheduled to release their first EP at the end of the year. He is currently attending Mannes The New School for Music studying Composition and Music Theory under David Tcimpidis and David T. Little.

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