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Scott Fish

Scott Fish is a contemporary classical composer and guitarist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. His work weaves in and out of improvisatory feeling while maintaining a strong connection to the western classical canon. He is currently recording eight polaroids, a piece commissioned by pianist Adrian Saari, for release in early 2018.


In 2015, Scott moved to New York City to study with Lowell Liebermann and pursue a composition degree at the Mannes School of Music, where he currently studies. During his time in New York, he has been commissioned and performed by fellow Mannes students for a variety of projects, including eastern parkway, commissioned last year by Emmalie Tello and Ethan Usoskin. 


Scott had an early interest in music, and was gifted his first guitar at age 10. He started writing music soon after, and began to compose concert music at age 14. After a childhood spent on the frozen tundra of Northern Wisconsin, Scott moved south to Madison, Wisconsin, where he soon fell into a community of musicians willing to adopt a young composer and guitarist. In 2012, Scott was taken in as a high school student by the bassist Richard Davis to study with him at the UW-Madison School of Music. Over the next three years, Scott gained valuable experiences both performing and composing around the Midwest. This included playing with and writing for a multitude of jazz and classical groups around Madison, WI. He founded the improv-based band lemonade dogsauce in 2015 and soon won the Manchester New Music Young Composer competition.


In the future, Scott hopes to continue composing and performing in New York City, and to foster collaborations with a variety of artists and musicians across different media.

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